How to Become Anorexic

What is Anorexia?

When you talk of anorexia, also referred to as anorexia nervosa, it is a eating disorder that makes one to consume restrictive quantities of food resulting in starvation. So, why would people want to become anorexic?

While the disorder could be dangerous because in severe cases, it makes one very thin and malnourished, people are using the behavior to becoming anorexic as a way to lose weight. People with anorexia tend to have the perception that by not eating substantial quantities of food, it makes them look and feel better.

How to Become AnorexiC


How to Become Anorexic?

People who want to lose weight by limiting the quantities they eat may be said to be anorexic. These people have particular eating habits and exercise regimes they indulge in for the purpose of losing weight. However, it is important to point out that since anorexia could result in serious health problems, people who want to be anorexic should first talk to a doctor.

Being anorexic may be dangerous for those people suffering from chronic disease like diabetes, HIV, and cancer. There may be better alternatives to losing weight than going the anorexia route. Nonetheless, if you are determined to shed those extra pounds by becoming anorexic, here are tips to help you:

Know your expectations

You need to realize that anorexia for weigh loss isn’t a quick fix affair for your problem. The body needs time to recondition itself and adjust to the changes you are introducing it to. Make sure you keep the body and mind in proper shape. Don’t just jump in unprepared because it could turn out a blow to you.

The body and brain require a slow pace to deal with hunger. While there are different ways you may become anorexic, you need to look for a solution that works best for you. The aim is to involve yourself in a long term activity or behavior that will give you result and not turn out chaotic. Again, remember that anorexia is a dangerous conditions and it can bring about serious health problems.

Get on to a Diet Plan

One effective way of becoming anorexic for the purpose of losing weight is extremely reducing the quantities of food you take. Many people, however, find this to be a difficult thing for them to do. Having an appropriate diet plan can help you. Here are ways to do it:

Adopt the air weight loss plan

You won’t perhaps like it, but it can work if you want to lose weight. This kind of diet plan involves not eating any solid foods. You imagine that you are eating, but instead you take in fresh air. What you do is sit down like you do during the meals and spoon your food to the mouth, but this time, you don’t put it in the mouth.

There are exceptions to this eating habit; you can take in water and clear soup or some fluids, but the essence is to avoid solid foods. This, however, should not be a long term thing because you are going to starve. The air weight loss plan is a short term technique you can apply to lose weight and in fact, it is believed that Madonna adopted this diet plan.

Adopt the baby food plan for weight loss

With this diet plan, you eat baby food. You have a jar of pureed food that babies take. However, make sure that you aren’t taking more than one jar for a single sitting. When under this diet plan, you can drink a lot of water but not coffee or alcohol. The aim of this diet plan is to reduce the amount of calories you are putting in body without having to starve yourself. The food is nutritious and therefore, you will not expose your body to malnutrition.

The five bite plan

This diet plan allows you to have five bites of food during each meal time- breakfast, lunch, as well as dinner. You will not have restrictions on what these five bites consist of, however, it is appropriate that they are made up of healthy foods. When under this diet plan, you can drink water or other fluids as longs as they don’t have calories. For example, you could drink diet soda. You may also take in a protein drink or some protein bar and vitamins drinks every day provided that these do not have fat in them.

Exercise your body

In becoming anorexic, you need not overlook the importance of having exercises. Exercising your body helps burn the calories and will help in accelerating your weight loss. You can take aerobic exercises, do yoga, and meditate. These activities keep your mind away from thinking of eating.

Take water

Water is essential for the normal functioning of body. It helps in detoxification, keeps the skin supple and soft and helps the kidneys do their job.

Becoming Anorexic Vs. Suffering from Anorexia

When anorexia becomes a serious problem

Frequently, people having anorexia may be severely undernourished that they are admitted in hospitals for treatment. The worse thing about this disorder is that even when it becomes a problem to patients, they will deny that there is anything wrong with them.

When anorexia has gotten to clinical levels, that person may resist herself or himself to food intake to an extent that they have significantly low body weight coupled with the fear of putting on more weight. The patients are particularly concerned about their body shape and weight and they think that the only way they can have the slim body figure is by solely not eating.

Anorexia, in almost all cases, it begins by having attempts to involve oneself in a strict weight loss dieting plan. Over time, the limitation of food results in conditions such as unhealthy weight loss where one is extremely thin and malnourished.

As malnutrition begins, there are changes that occur in body and brain. The metabolism changes and brain changes start causing limitations in appetite and the way the body uses the food you taken in. These changes also affect the way you think and make decisions.

In worse situations, as the illness takes its toll on you, you begin to have irrational behaviors. For example, you start making rules regarding food or even begin to make yourself to vomit what you have eaten in fear that you are going to gain weight.

The malnutrition and starvation arising from anorexia may lead to other problems such as irregular heartbeat and osteoporosis. Depression may also be seen in people with severe anorexia.

Treating Anorexia that is causing Health and Mental Complications

If anorexia has reached a point where you are experiencing health complications, you need to have it treated as soon as possible. You may know that you have complications of anorexia if:

  • You are weighing much less than what would be termed as normal or healthy
  • You are afraid of adding weight
  • You do not want to gain and stay at normal weight
  • You feel that you are overweight, but in the real sense, you are extremely thin
  • The low body weight is becoming a health issue, but you are denying that fact
  • Your satisfaction and self esteem are centered on your body shape and weight.

When anorexia nervosa has set in, going back to normal eating becomes a tall order without help. If the disorder is not treated, you could live with it in your lifetime. Therefore, early treatment is needed as it gives you a better chance of recovering. Family members should seek help for the patients with anorexia because these patients don’t realize in the first place that it is harming them.

Since anorexia involves emotional and physical problems, you will need to engage with a counselor, dietician, and a doctor to help you in treatment. In the event that the weight has dropped to alarming levels and you’re malnourished, you may need to be hospitalized. It is important to realize that you could easily fall into relapses after treatment.

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  1. This is disgusting. No real medical site should ever promote an eating disorder. Anorexia Nervosa has the highest mortality rate amongst disorders of its kind, and the fact that this page is encouraging it is horrifying.

  2. Imagine if your child was reading this and end up having this eating disorder.. disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  3. I’m a 48 year old male, and I found this article helpful. I had been bulimic for quite a long time, longer than I care to remember, and I’ve been struggling with anorexic weight loss for over two years now. If anyone doesn’t like what’s written here, then don’t read it, and pretty please.. stop the moaning!

  4. I only want to get back to 120 pounds. people with bones sticking out paranoy me, I just need a quick fix to get me back to a healthy weight. These are a little extreme, like with the 5 bite a meal rule. I would limit myself to 8-10. Portion controls are my main thing.

  5. This is absolutely disgusting. Anorexia is a serious mental health issue that far too many people suffer with and you are actually encouraging this? Either change the post and encourage anyone suffering or who knows anyone who may be suffering to seek professional help or, delete it entirely.

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