Spider Bite Piercing

What is Spider Bite Piercing? 

Spider bite piercing refers to the piercing made horizontally on your lower lips. Spider bite piercing resembles the mark left on your skin when a spider has bitten you. The piercing can be placed on your lower lips next to each other. Usually the piercing is made at the corner of one side of your lip.

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In some cases, people may have both the lower and upper lips pierced. They place one of the spider bite on the right and another on the left side of the lip.

Lip piercing has gained popularity among people as a way of enhancing beauty. There are various options of piercing lip you can select and have it done on your lips such as snake and joker bites.

Considerations before Undergoing

Is the piercing painful?

One of the main concerns for people who want to have a spider bite piercing is pain associated with the piercing. They want to know if the piercing hurts or not.

You need to understand that any form of piercing hurts, although pain may vary from one person to another because of difference in health status and location of the piercing. Piercing done on more sensitive areas like the lips is very painful because these areas have more nerves than other areas such as face.

Cost of piercing

Cost is very vital when it comes to selecting the suitable piercing method. Cost of the piercing will depend on the type of jewellery one prefers and the place where you will do piercing from. Do not compromise on the quality of services because of costs. Go for quality piercing services to prevent infections and other complications that may arise.

Qualified and competent piercer

A piercer is very crucial in the success of piercing. Look for an experienced, skilled and knowledgeable piercer to conduct spider bite piercing on your body. An incompetent piercer may increase your chances of being infected which can lead to other severe complications.

In addition, conduct a proper market survey on piercing to help you make an informed decision. You can ask your friends or family members who have used piercing services before. They can recommend a good place or a qualified piercer for you.

How is Spider Bite Piercing done? 

Once you have considered the above factor and found the best suitable piercer, he or she will do the following:

  • Clean the area where the spider piercing will be placed with antibiotic solution to kill any bacteria there and stop spread of any infection.
  • Once cleaning of the area is complete, your piercer marks the exact place to place the spider bite mark with a surgery pen.
  • Then your piercer uses a sterilized needle to pierce your skin and puts in the jewellery of your choice. In most cases larger jewellery are used to allow room for swellings at the site but this can be replaced with smaller ones later.

How to Relieve Pain from piercing?

Piercing is painful but with good care, you can minimize pain. One way of reducing pain from piercing is to allow one piercing to heal before making another one.

Which Jewelry Can be Used In a Spider Piercing?

Once the swelling has significantly reduced, you can replace the larger jewellery with smaller ones to avoid damage to your oral cavity. Changing of jewellery must be done by a skilled piercer to avoid infections and other complications. In case, you want to do it alone, consider the following:

  • Wash your hands before touching the jewellery.
  • Contact your professional piercer if you want to temporally replace metallic jewellery with a non-metallic one.
  • You can simply remove the spider bite piercing if you decide to or consult your piercer to remove it.
  • In case the site has infection, the jewellery should not be removed until the infection is completely cured to avoid infecting other parts of your body.

Some of the most famous jewelry than can be used with spider bite piercing includes:

  • Silver lip ring
  • Lip barbell
  • Purple Opal Fire Hoop
  • White Opal Fire Hoop

Risks Factors

One of the common risks of spider bite piercing is pain. Spider bite piercing may involve two piercings done at once which is more painful than a single spot on your body.

Another risk is your lower teeth may be injured as well as an infection in your gums. The pierced region on your lips becomes sore for a while; this makes eating and drinking difficult for a short period. Also the swelling on your lips prevents you from speaking properly. However, these risks are not permanent and they will go away after several days.

Other risks involve the use of metallic part of the stud. This may injure your teeth and gum if placed wrongly.


You can know you have a lip infection if thick and yellow discharge comes out of your lips. This may increase your body temperature causing fever.

However, this infection can cause serious complication if left untreated.

Spider Bite Piercing Picture 3

Treatment & Prevention

You can prevent spider bite piercing infection by using antibiotics and natural remedies. Natural remedies you can use include1:

Tea tree oil and homemade salt

Take a tea tree oil drop and put it on the spider bite piercing infection. Alternatively, you can add few drops of tea tree oil to the homemade salt solution and apply it on the spider bite piercing

Tea tree oil has antibiotic and fungicidal properties to prevent fungi and bacterial infections at the site of spider bite piercing.

Take Care

Every wound is painful but with proper care, you can relieve pain and prevent further infections. The following are some management tips that you can embrace to prevent post spider bite piercing infection:

Spider Bite Piercing Picture 2

Avoid smoking and taking alcohol

When smoking or drinking alcohol, smoke and alcohol come into direct contact your lips wound and cause it to swell more and elevate pain

Sanitize your hands before touching the wound

The wound is on the lips and many people are tempted to touch it. This may cause more infection to the wound because your hands may have germs that have bacteria or fungi. Before you the touch the wound, sanitize your hands well to kill bacteria and fungi to prevent infection.

Take vitamin B supplements prior to the piercing

Vitamin B enhances cell metabolism. This will maintain the health of your body and ensure your body is prepared against spider bite infection.

Consult your professional piercer to change the jewelry to prevent complications.

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